Our Mission

Black-owned & women founded, we want to celebrate the care of your hair while providing comfort and convenience. Hair Drip Wear is designed for those that invest in their hair care regimen. Therefore, we at Hair Drip Wear want to offer a one-of-a-kind product that augments one’s hair care process.

It was very important for us to use 100% quality grade cotton with excellent absorbency. Hair Drip Wear is specifically designed for its usability, comfort and hair drip protection.

Our Story

Being a natural hair wearer for almost 15 years, visionary Keta Leatherwood Swain saw a need that would become a game changer for many who prepare their own natural and curly wet hair.

While on Youtube one evening, Keta went in search of a wash n’ go technique that would give her natural hair the look she had been wanting to quickly prepare for many mornings. One common theme was seeing women on videos with water and hair products dripping all over them or towels that wouldn’t stay in place. Annoyed by what she was seeing, she took matters in her own hands and began conceptualizing a better solution – A toweled garment!

Keta called her mom, who is a very good seamstress and asked if she could produce her first garment. Of course, her mom being the seamstress she is, pulled some patterns together along with Keta’s sketch and brought the vision of Hair Drip Wear to a reality.

Keta was in awe of how her mom brought her vision to life. She knew she had a stroke of genius and applied for a patent with USPTO for “Hair Drip Wear”. After a few short months, her manufacturer shipped a sample, and the rest is history. We are very pleased to announce Hair Drip Wear is available to order. Shop Today!

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Hair Drip Wear is designed with style, comfort, and protection for an entire family ~ for everyday grooming needs.